As we recover from the global pandemic, we have to look for ways to develop a thriving economy in order to foster economically viable communities. I believe that a strong economy can only be achieved through increased investment in small business, workforce development, and fixing our regressive tax system.

  • Build economic opportunities for middle and lower income families by attracting employers who will help build a community with family wage jobs, community involvement and have the environment in mind. As we economically recover from the impact of the pandemic, I am committed to prioritizing equity, families, and workers to ensure we have an economy that benefits our working and middle class families.
  • Develop our workforce through apprenticeships and adult education program funding and investments. We must work to adequately support all efforts to develop a workforce that has a sustainable, equitable, and economically viable future.This will not only support our working families, it will also help attract quality employees to the area.
  • Increase revenue by addressing our tax code. Washington has one of the most regressive tax codes in the country, leaving the wealthiest not paying their fare share. This is a multi-layered problem that will require innovative solutions, solutions that are best proposed by someone who is representative of the community in which they serve.